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Australian Curriculum English Year 8


ISBN: 9781922771698

Category: Product ID: 2021


Teachers and students alike will love these practical, visually engaging and clearly written resources. Insight’s Australian Curriculum English series aligns with Version 9.0 of the Australian Curriculum, ensuring that its Literature, Language and Literacy strands are seamlessly integrated into each workbook. Illustrative examples and understandable explanations are provided every step of the way. The workbooks contain numerous activities, discussion starters and creative prompts, which ensure that students are kept focused and engaged while they strengthen their skills.

Each Insight Australian Curriculum English workbook is made up of twelve units that are centred on a unifying theme, text type or significant English skill. Cumulatively the units provide ample opportunity for students to practise their writing, reading, listening, speaking, creating and viewing skills. They can be completed in any order; teachers may find it useful to dip in and out of units in ways that complement their established teaching and learning programs.

Each title features:

  • Relevant Australian Curriculum content to build skills in literature, language and literacy
  • Student-friendly questions, including fill-in activities, discussion starters, comprehension tasks, language tests and creative writing prompts
  • Units focused on a specific theme, text type or skill
  • Clear outlines of curriculum-relevant content in the introduction to each chapter
  • A range of different text types, including both classic and contemporary texts
  • Representation of First Nations writers and creators, as well as many other works from both Australia and worldwide.

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